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Retractable Fold-up Trailer Step

Item Details:

Retractable Fold-up Trailer Step - 12"

* Retractable Fold-up step for flatbed trailers and many other applications  
* Wide design allows both feet at the same time
* When stored it is 4" thick which prevents the step from being damaged while the trailer is in transit  
* Installation is easy but will require welding or drilling


Please note: Step comes unpainted so it can be welded and then colored matched to your specific application. We recommend using enamel based spray paint which can be purchased from any large retailer or local hardware store. The enamel provides a durable lasting coat. 

Step Specs:
Step only Width: 12"

Overall Retracted  Dimensions(approximate): 12 3/4" wide x 13 1/2" long x 4'' tall  

Manufacturer: Arc Force 
Design: Retractable
Finish: Raw steel 


Retractable Fold-up Trailer Step

SKU: TSS-001
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